Sponsored by di Rosa Center for the Arts 

As part of this collaboration, the teens ended their lecture series by visiting di Rosa and touring the grounds as well as the special exhibitions.


We used various textile techniques like hot iron pressing and embroidery to create a community blanket as well as T-shirts and hoodies that reflected on the individual wearing it. 


Using collage and embroidery we were able to make paintings that spoke to our Covid-19 shelter in place experience.


After sharing our  5 words we saw a pattern in the ways in which the group was feeling. For this sculpture project we chose an emotion or idea and created it's counterpart to touch upon balance. 



Over the course of a month or two I had the honor of working with Napa’s Boys & Girls Club. Thanks to funding from the ACNV CARES Grant, di Rosa  was able to continue the opportunity of connecting teens from BGC of Napa Valley with working Artist.

Arts Council Napa Valley CARES Grant program funded by the California Arts Council.

Inspired by my own rituals and practices in the studio I began my virtual studio lectures with the kids by presenting them with the challenge of using words. In my day to day I always make it a point to write down 3-5 words to summarize my day. This ritual has become something that has helped me understand my thoughts and feelings as they relate to my art practice. 

 Together the kids & I used art making methods, inspired by our daily words, to attempt to figure out how language & words can play a role in our understanding of our emotions/traumas and surroundings. The following projects took place through virtual space and at the Boys & Girls Club in Napa. 

Our final words 

  • Word Community Death Grips Is Online Typewriter Closer 4AM Life Soccer! Still
  • Red Light blue Pastel Pink Crimson Red Silver Blue Green Navy Blue Light Blue 
  • Satisfied Creative Curiosity RefreshingHappy Calm Wandering Happy Open 

Images courtesy of Joshua Sergeson 

Teen Coordinator Boys and Girls Clubs of Napa Valley 

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