Trump Winery, Charlottesville, Virginia. 

TRUTH FARM is a group art installation and campaign curated by Ana Teresa Fernández, John Kluge, and Enrique Perret, that reclaims the truth as our own by sparking the kinds of conversations that strengthen the bonds between our families, our cultures, our communities, and our selves.

Debuting April 10, 2021 on a privately-owned family farm located in the middle of the Trump Winery estate in Charlottesville, VA, TRUTH FARM will then travel to downtown Charlottesville and other locations.

Undocumented Mexican artist Arleene Correa Valencia will be unveiling new portraits in paper and fabric of families who have experienced separation due to US immigration policy. In her portraits, children who have been taken into detention or US custody are missing from their silhouettes — a truth we, as a country, have yet to fully recon with.

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